During the field school, you will have the opportunity to engage with experienced practitioners undertaking research of their own, and to gain knowledge from their experiences of the islands and further afield. Faculty with specific lines of research are invited to develop a thematic unit. Lessons from these projects can be fully integrated in your own field work. These are no classic classroom sessions with far-away theory, but hands-on training, guided by passionate practitioners.

These projects are truly optional, as field work comes first. This means all participants are free to join any activities within these units, but also that it is not mandatory to take part in any of them. If you are particularly interested in one or more of these units and eager to cooperate with the project leader, please inquire about the dates of the project through this contact form, as not all projects will take place in each session of the summer school. When registered for the right session, contact the project leader to discuss further cooperation. Note that contact should be made at least two to three months before the start of the session, and preferably right after your registration.

inquire about projects

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Fieldwork in pandemic times
The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on anthropology as a discipline, through our program we are bringing people together to reimagine the future of fieldwork.

Leading researchers: Sam Janssen & Jacob Jansen (Expeditions)

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Anthropology of Food & Eating
The aim of this collaborative research project is to gain and exchange experiences in anthropological and interdisciplinary research on topics concerning food and food production on Gozo.

Leading researcher: Marjan Moris (KU Leuven - Expeditions)

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Graphic Anthropology
While anthropologists are looking for new means of representation, the development of graphic novels and reports in both the fields of comics and journalism have helped put drawings back in the spotlight with a move towards new investigative forms of storytelling.

Leading researcher: Maarten Loopmans (KU Leuven)

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Anthropology and the Art of Motorcycle Observation
A collaborative research focus on motorcycle ethnographies, situated on the crossroads of, among others, anthropology of technology, mobility studies, geography of transportation systems and design anthropology.

Leading researcher: Sam Janssen (Expeditions)

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Oral History in Fieldwork
How do stories of the past help us understand the present? Can the subjectivity of storytelling be an asset in your research? What do oral history techniques mean for ethnographers? What can we learn about culture from how a story is being told?

Leading researcher: Sam Janssen (Expeditions)