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    Our scholarship call
    This call is aimed at budding researchers with creative and open minds towards the challenges of applied research.  We offer a unique learning opportunity in a multidisciplinary research project on the isle of Gozo, Malta. Expeditions and the University of Leuven offer two full scholarships (excluding airfare) for the 2021 Malta Summer School. Scholarships are granted on a competitive basis, based on a research proposal.

    (Note: this scholarship call only applies to the Off The Beaten Track summer sessions, for our other programs, unfortunately, we don't have grants available.)

    - Undergraduate and graduate students
    - PhD students
    - Everyone with a genuine interest in anthropology
    - Previous participants of the project

    Selection is NOT based on academic merit or complexity. We aim for enthusiasm, dedication and creativity.

    The call is open to all. In the past years, even students who were not enrolled in an anthropology program received scholarships for the project.
    Submit Proposal
    • Send us 2 or more research concepts (but at least two!).
    • 150-250 words per research concept.
    • Submitting can only be done through the online form that is linked at the end of this step by step walkthrough. Please read this walkthrough guide thoroughly!
    • Use the form once per proposal, submit and reload the form to start a next proposal.
    • You will receive an automated email per submission.
    • The deadline for submissions (first stage) is January 5th, 2022 (GMT+1).
    The basic guidelines

    • You are allowed to send in as many research ideas as you like. All submissions will compete equally.
    • Applicants are asked to be creative and think outside the box in the topic, approach, and methods.
    • The research should be feasible within the context of the Off the Beaten Track program.
    • Browse through to find exemplary research papers of previous participants.
    • The topic in itself does not have to be original at all. We look for feasibility and creativity in the approach of the topic.
    • There is a mandatory minimum of 2 proposals to be eligible.
    In order to get your research proposals reviewed by our board, you will also need to submit a regular application.

    When your regular application gets approved for participation, you will have the opportunity to register for the program.

    Suppose this regular application does not get approved. In that case, your scholarship submissions will still be in the running: don’t worry, refusal of applications is mostly due to a lack of available slots, while scholarship spots are reserved until the outcome of this process.

    If you are not registered before the scholarship outcome, we cannot guarantee that you can eventually enlist in your preferred session. (Simple mathematics: we can not reserve a spot in each session for each scholarship recipient).
    First review
    From the proposals submitted before the deadline, the scholarship review board will select 15 to 20 candidates to work out a more detailed research plan before the deadline of February 27th. On or before January 14th you will receive an email on whether or not you are selected for this next and final step.

    This research plan, together with your application info will be presented to the review board as your final submission.

    Second review
    The final submissions will be ranked and scholarships will be divided according to this ranking.

    The two top ranked proposals will be granted a full scholarship, others might receive a partial scholarship. It is at the discretion of the review board to divide the scholarship fund.

    None of the scholarships include airfare from and to Malta.
    Please understand that…
    The number of students accepted in the program is limited. Scholarships will be granted only after the completion of the selection procedure, while registration is open to non-scholarship participants. In case you wish to join the project even if you do not receive a scholarship from us, we advise to register through the regular application procedure as early as possible since non-scholarship slots are usually filled before the scholarship deadlines.

    The final announcement on your scholarship grant will be done by email on or before the 7th of March.

    Good luck!

    2021 Selected proposals
    [alphabetical order]

    Alexander Calloway
    Sailing, not Drifting: Gozitan Perceptions of Boats and Movement

    Andrew Erskine-Kellie
    Holy Island: Contemporary Spirituality on the Island of Gozo

    Caspar Milne
    Drinking habits within Maltese culture

    Ghuilherme Laus
    Islanders dances: performances at Gozo, Malta

    Hanadi Sonouper
    Salt Water and Vinegar. Story telling through food -Gozo and Malta’s cultural gastronomy

    Indira Toussaint
    Does This Dress Make Me Look Maltese? How Maltese women use fashion to construct an identity

    Jacob Souch
    Gozo-Malta tunnel: Ethnographic Views of Connections in the Built Environment

    Jess Caines
    Lockdown Parenting: Gender and Parenthood during COVID-19

    Jone Emilija Juchneviciute
    Sense of dwelling

    Keily Tammaru
    How do Gozitans predict weather on the sea according to the signs they see in nature?

    Kui Kui Wong
    Finding connection in a COVID-19 world

    Kyra Lenting
    Sea-ing the land through the lens of divers

    Olive Walker
    What it means to identify as Gozitan

    Sohel Islam
    Being Muslim and Maltese

    Taillte Cooney Newton
    The ritual of Kafe Msajjar and café culture in Maltese society

    Teya Hisel
    Lack of Homelessness in Gozo: Are There Really Homes For All?
    2022 Selected proposals
    [alphabetical order]

    Alexandra Maris
    Diving, Caving and Hiking: Adventure Tourism in Gozo, Malta

    Annagrazia Graduato
    Mapping Malta: an exploratory and interactive research on the territory as seen by locals

    Dana Frederick
    Sexuality of Catholic-Raised Maltese Women

    Emily Nothnagle
    Musical Malta: The Heart of Ghanafest

    Flavia Cardillo
    Women's action and participation in local councils: stories, challenges, and trajectory

    Francesca Strano
    The meaning of homemade food: an anthropological exploration of the organization “Sacred Food” in Gozo

    Glauco Piccione
    Sheep farming in Xagħra as a practise which shape the social landscapes of the community identity

    Indy Garrad
    The liminal binding of water and people: Gozo, a cultural introspect

    Jacob Callicott
    To what extent are increased legal protections and improved legislative inclusivity improving the lived experience of young LGBTQIA Maltese

    Jacob Souch
    Insular Insights: Views of a Pandemic from a Small Island

    The Inter-Influence of the Human-Bee Relationships in an Urban Environment

    Marianna Sanfelicio
    Cemeteries are also cities

    Marie Kerguelen
    Grandmothers in Gozo: the meaning of social reproduction in later life

    Prisca Chow
    Milk Tea And Globalization

    Shanya Olivares Perez
    Overdeveloping Gozo: Cultural Impact of Development in Gozo

    Tanvi Shah
    The Murals, its Messages and the Meaning they hold to the youth of Malta: A Visual Ethnography

    Verity Limond
    More to explore’: Walking for politics and leisure in Malta