Graphic Anthropology Field School
April 1-14, 2017

The last five years have shown a growing interest among anthropologists and other social scientists in the practice of drawing. While anthropologists are looking for new means of representation, the development of graphic novels and reports in both the fields of comics and journalism have helped put drawings back in the spotlight with a move towards new investigative forms of storytelling.

If the use of sketches and drawings takes us back to the early beginnings of the discipline, graphic anthropology is now being revamped. Several successful anthropologists are taking up the challenge of harnessing the creative potential of drawing, both as a tool for fieldwork and results communication. Today, brushes and pencils are slowly finding their way back in the anthropologists’ travel kit.

The workshop aims to deepen insights about the possibilities and limits of graphic anthropology: what is the full range of its use in the field? Can a comic book replace a scientific article? Are graphics equally useful to any research topic? Through collective field trips, targeted exercises and debate sessions, participants engaging in this project will explore the possibilities of sketching in field notes, self reflections and research reports.

Anthropology, Mediated
April 19 to May 1, 2017

Anthropology begins with fieldwork, and this workshop trains both practicing and academic anthropologists (and all those in between) to use and consider media in their research projects.

The past decade has seen an expanding interest in both the anthropology of media practices and the use of media in producing anthropological knowledge. This workshop begins from the premise that producing ethnographic media in collaboration with interlocutors requires both ways of studying and approaching media.

Participants in this workshop will receive intense training in using photography, sound, and video — as well as post-processing/production — in making ethnographic media, as well as in- depth discussions of the ethics, politics, and constraints of these practices. This training will be paired with in-depth discussions about current ethnographic research on sound, photo, and video in Gozo and beyond.

Some Remarks

  • For these spring programs we don't have scholarships or grants available.
  • You are welcome to apply for both sessions, in which case you can stay with us the whole month of April. Those who do get a 250€ discount on the total fee.
  • Each session is limited to 8 participants only, so don't leave your application lingering if you are interested. We accept applications on a rolling basis, the window closes when all 8 slots are filled.