Optional Projects

During the field school, you will have the opportunity to engage with experienced practitioners undertaking research of their own, gaining knowledge from their experiences of the islands and further afield. Lessons from these experiences can be fully integrated in your own field work. These are no dull classroom sessions with far-away theory, but hands on training, guided by active practitioners.

There is no need to sign up for these projects beforehand and they are merely optional. Also, you need to inquire with the project leader about the dates of the project, since not all projects will take place in each session of the summer school.

During the field school the individual research project of each participant comes first. However, if you are particularly interested in one of these projects you have to consult with the researcher supervising it by e-mailing her/him beforehand (ideally at least 2 to 3 months before the start of the session).

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Mediating Ethnography - Examining and Creating Media Practices in Gozo
Anthropology begins with fieldwork, and this project aims at both practicing and academic anthropologists (and all those in between) to use and consider media in their research projects.

Leading researcher
Bryce Peake

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Smells like Fieldwork - Methods in Sensory Anthropology
Ethnographers seek to make sense of the world, but all too often fail to pay attention to the role of their senses in this endeavor.

Leading researcher
Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway

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The good old Gozo days - Perspectives from the anthropology of aging
Aging is a topical issue all over the world. It is something we are encountered with on a daily basis. This thematic unit encourages you to explore the topic of aging in a broad context.

Leading researchers
Mirjam Bussels
Bryce Peake
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Honeybee-culture in Gozo and Malta
The aim of this collaborative research project is to gain and exchange experiences in anthropological and interdisciplinary research on topics concerning beekeeping.

Leading researcher
Peter Niedersteiner
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Oral History in fieldwork
Expeditions shares its knowledge and methods regarding the oral history techniques and how to apply it in ethnographic fieldwork with those who are interested in including oral history techniques or themes in their research project.

Leading researcher
Sam Janssen
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Anthropology of Food
The aim of this collaborative research project is to gain and exchange experiences in anthropological and interdisciplinary research on topics concerning food and food production on Gozo.

Leading researcher
Marjan Moris
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Graphic Anthropology
While anthropologists are looking for new means of representation, the development of graphic novels and reports in both the fields of comics and journalism have helped put drawings back in the spotlight with a move towards new investigative forms of storytelling.

Leading researcher
Kim Tondeur