Application and Registration procedure

Step One

Request the application form by filling out the online form. Please fill out the requested information accurately and clearly (address without abbreviations please). If you have a university address, provide us with an alternate personal e-mail address as well. Our forms sometimes get blocked by university servers.

Don't forget to hit the submit button.

The online form can be found in the left menu or through this link.

Step Two

Your information will be reviewed and you will receive a personal e-mail from us within 48 hours with an access link to your online full application form. This online form can only be reached through that link.

Fill out the requested information as accurately as possible. This is your actual application.

Step Three

Your application will be reviewed by our academic board and they will decide whether or not you are approved to register for the program. The board has a meeting every week, so that is the longest you will have to wait for a reply from them.

Step Four

When accepted you will receive the registration packet and a request for the registration deposit (400€). In order to lock your spot in one of the sessions, the registration packet has to be returned to us (scanned version by e-mail) and the registration fee needs to be payed. You will be given two weeks to complete this, after that your slot will be open for others and you will need to re-apply if you want to register.

Step Five

A few weeks after your registration you will receive the final invoice for your tuition. On the invoice you will also have the opportunity to choose a payment plan.

Important note for scholarship applicants

If you are aiming for one of our scholarships, but you are sure you want to participate regardless if you will be granted one, start the regular application and registration as soon as possible. By the time the scholarships are decided, all other slots will be long gone. Should you receive a scholarship, payments will be refunded.

Please understand that we only have a limited number of scholarships and a lot of worthy people applying for it. So do consult advisors from your own institution, many of our previous participants found funding this way.