Course description
The course runs for 20 days, during three editions in the summer of 2015 (see dates on the bottom of the home page). The working days of the week will be reserved for fieldwork, fieldtrips as well as individual guidance by academic experts and professional anthropologists.

This personally tailored setting is the framework for your own fieldwork project. The aim of the personal fieldwork in particular is to allow participants to research topics of their interest with professional help when needed. The fieldtrips are intended as individual anthropological explorations of the islet in small groups.

The research and data gathering will provide you with the basis to write a research paper. This is done after the program and the process will be guided by your mentors. Your research will be published with our help and under your own authorship.
The structure of the field-school is one of open-ended pursuit of ethnographic study. Your days can then be spent either in the thick of it (chasing interviews, meetings, consultations with your supervisor) or for those students who request more direction; classes are offered on request to place some structure around your own research: methodology, history and practice of Anthropology etc. Taking advantages of these learning situations might also be of use for anthropologists that are early on in their career.

You will have all the resources you need at your disposal to pursue individually tailored research objectives with the assistance of your mentors.
The price of the course is 3,250.00 euros, payment plans are possible.

This course fee includes:
• Accommodation (apartments)
• Breakfast and dinner
• Access to stock of food and drinks for lunch
• Introductory Courses
• Official Attendance certificate
• Personalised recommendation certificate
• Supervision with fieldwork analysis and in the write-up stages

Extra fees
• Optional Diving Course + 320 € (3 weekend days)

Optional extension of the program
It is possible to extend your participation in the program by registering for two sessions. This can be done after registration. The fee for the extra session will be considerably lower, please inquire for more information.

Extending your time in the project gives you the possibility of:
  • doing more in depth data gathering (eg. for dissertation purposes)
  • participating in more workshops
  • publishing more then one research paper
  • getting extra credits
  • meeting the requirements of your home university for independent study (if those requirements exceed three weeks)
At the end of the course, participants will receive a transcript of records that summarizes their course performance. Participants that perform exceedingly well will receive a letter of recommendation that will help facilitate participation in other international anthropological research events. All research papers resulting from the summer school will be published under your own authorship and professionally communicated.
Directed at
The course is directed towards young anthropologists and cultural scientists; however, any individual who would like to learn about anthropological research and fieldwork is welcome. Previous knowledge or experience is not required. We aim for a very individual program that can start at any level. Even PhD. research (or pre-research) can be included and guided. The school has a strong socio-cultural focus, but any topic can be covered in the individual program of the student.