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Mirjam Bussels
Expeditions, Research in Applied Anthropology, Belgium

Mirjam finished her Master in Social work and Social Policy at the Catholic University of Leuven. Due to her thesis she got in contact with Expeditions. During her stay on Gozo, she explored several topics within different fields. The first years she did cooperative fieldwork with another staff member about religion and identity on the Island. Next to this Mirjam did a brief research about the concept of time on the Island, ‘Gozo Maybe Time’. In the frame of her job in Belgium for the Center for Gastrology she looked into the social construction of a mealtime and the mealtime ethics. To do so, she did a whole summer of voluntary work in Saint Dominic Elderly Home in Victoria. As a result of these experiences, she developed a genuine interest in the anthropology of aging, and delved straight into it. Her love for the Island kept on growing and she decided to stay on Gozo. She is further interested in how religion manifests itself on the Island.
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Steven Camacho
Millersville University, USA

Steven is a graduate in sociology and anthropology at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Currently working on his masters in Public Health at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Besides his studies, Steven works at Lancaster General Hospital as a nurse assistant, phlebotomist and medical interpreter in Spanish. Steven first came to Gozo as a student in 2014 and returned as a staff in 2015 with a two years hiatus, he will attend again in 2018. In Gozo, Steven is studying the micro culture and semantics within the fisherman culture in Xlendi, Mgarr and Marsalforn. Other topics of interest are witchcraft and witch healing in non-Western countries, Puerto Rican history and its interaction with the USA, and Culture of Clowns (yes, there is one). Steven is also well known for his tasty Coquito (Puerto Rican Eggnog) making.
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Trish Campbell
California State University, USA

Trish has degrees in anthropology, with minors in history and music and has dual positions at her home institution; one as the Director and coordinator of the exhibit program in the university library, and the other as an adjunct professor in anthropology. Trish’s interests are varied, and her focus is generally in cultural anthropology. In addition to teaching Anthropology of Religion, Art & Culture, Introduction to Museum Studies, and Museum Practicum at CSUF, she also pursues interests in oral history, ethnomusicology and archival studies. Trish first came to Gozo as a student in 2008, and has returned twice as staff since that time. She is interested in processes within cultural constructs and has conducted participant observations, interviews, and surveys while performing with La Stella Band Club during festa for St. George’s Basilica. Future projects on the horizon include immigration/migration/return migration of Gozitans abroad, symbols in funerary art and funerary rituals or practices.
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Jane Davis
McGill University, Canada

Jane completed her undergrad in anthropology and sociology at McGill in Montreal, Canada and is currently a studio assistant based in London, England. Her research involves liminal spaces and human-tech relationships. In Gozo, Jane focuses on the subculture that occurs in temporal communities of public transport (principally the buses and bus station). Jane enjoys a good laugh and a cup of coffee but also takes pleasure getting into long discussions about ethnography, gender and sexuality politics, and learning about individuals’ experience of the social world.
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Adrian Gonzalez
University de Magallanes, Chile

Adrian works at the University de Magallanes, Punta Arenas, Chile, where he studies food anthropology and symbolism. His interests point to traditional food in today's global world, observing the incorporation of new ways and the struggle to maintain original cultural values.He is a journalist and in the last few years, he developed a great interest in ethnography. Because of this reason he decided to start a Master's degree in Social Sciences, Heritage Mention. His experience while studying food on Gozo as a student in 2017 gave him new ideas and motivations for ethnographic study.
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Jorge Gonzales
University of Ottawa, Canada

Jorge is a PhD candidate working on his dissertation in the School of Sociological and Anthropological Studies at the University of Ottawa. Currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, Jorge's current research explores the roles of the visual arts and mechanisms of coloniality on racial-ethnic meaning making for coloured avant-garde artists and the ways said artists express identity through artistic production. Jorge's other research interests include critically examining representations of gender and sexuality on television shows like Will & Grace and RuPaul's Drag Race and the relationship between language and modes of production in societies in transition. On Gozo, Jorge's experiences have led him to analyze social factors that affect and constrain expatriate artists who come to the island as well as to be an all-around sounding board for research ideas, discussions on social theory, and the development of alternative research methods.
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Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway
Oberlin College, USA

Erika is a linguistic anthropologist, trained at the University of Michigan and currently an associate professor of anthropology at Oberlin College. Her work, focused on sign languages, explores the flexible, multi-modal nature of communicative practices as well as the social factors that facilitate, limit, and are shaped by that flexibility. Her publications to date center on deaf sociality in Nepal and on transnational sign language literacy practices. In recent years she has launched a new project focusing on sensory strategies employed by Maltese and Gozitan deaf people within and outside of sign language-centered encounters. She is also working toward building a Lingwa tas-Sinjali Maltija (Maltese Sign Language) linguistic corpus. Participation in the fieldschool helps Erika develop her interest in graphic methods, as she finds that the representational affordances and challenges involved in producing drawings of linguistic encounters helps highlight their multi-sensory complexity. She is very fond of her flock of pet chickens.
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Hannah Howard
Washington and Lee University, USA

Hannah is a graduate of the sociology and anthropology program at Washington and Lee University in Virginia. While in school, she primarily worked on projects regarding the development and manifestation of group identities, particularly within religious groups. She currently lives in Athens, Greece where she works as a research assistant and studies Southeast European Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Hannah first came to Gozo as a student in 2015 and has returned as staff each year since. On the island, she studies food products as consumable symbols of collective identity.
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Sam Janssen
Expeditions, Research in Applied Anthropology, Belgium

The general research manager of Expeditions and program director of the summer school. As a researcher his main focusses are the anthropology of food, whilst also having a great interest in topics related to architecture and urban planning.

He obtained a variety of masters degrees at the University of Ghent (philosophy, ethics, academic education and urban planning) and has worked as a researcher for Expeditions since 2003.
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Anne T Jensen
Aarhus University, Denmark

Anne T Jensen is born and raised in Odense, Denmark. After a couple of years at the university she changed path and got educated at KaosPilots - a creative business school focused on entrepreneurship, projects, and processes. After graduating, Anne moved to North West Greenland to work in the harsh but beautiful environment above the Arctic Circle. Later she reenrolled at Aarhus University and studied business anthropology. Her master thesis was built on fieldwork conducted in a production company with a majority of international workers. She is now working as a consultant for a not-for-profit sports organization. Her current field of interest ranges from innovation, creativity, and organizations, to filming, podcast creation and to conducting interviews with the use of LEGO®.
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Cole Kedzierski
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

Cole graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology, and minors in sustainability studies and philosophy. During his undergraduate work, he conducted ethnographic studies of community development projects, as well as food access and diet habits of university students. As a student at the field school in 2016, he researched Malta and Gozo’s fishing industry, and how it has been affected by governmental policy following Malta’s introduction into the European Union. His research interests include political ecology and medical anthropology, as it relates to environmental sustainability and public health. Cole is applying to graduate programs focused on public health, urban planning, and applied anthropology.
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Maarten Loopmans
University of Leuven, Belgium

An a-disciplinary geographer who graduated at the university of Leuven, Belgium and worked at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium and the University of Urbino, Italy. His research interests are in political ecology, with a focus on agro-ecological innovation and land use regulation, and the geographies of diversities (in particular cultural and sexual diversity); he is very keen on methodological issues and discussions, and loves to experiment with graphics in academic research, from boredom-born research meeting droodles to graphic novels as a medium to communicate research findings.
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Marjan Moris
University of Leuven, Belgium

Our Belgian-born research and field work mentor who gets lost between human geography and anthropology now and then. Her research interests include migration and mobilities, the anthropology of food and manifestations of difference and inequality in the organisation of space. She has carried out research on the savoury ‘pastizzi’ as cultural brokers on Gozo, and remains fascinated by stories of change on the island. Marjan stays up late for discussions about methodology, creative ways to share research findings and most other topics (given that they come with a late-night snack).
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Cullen Ogden
University College of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cullen is an undergraduate student at Amsterdam University College studying social sciences with a concentration in Anthropology, and a minor in Humanities (Art and Media). Before moving to Amsterdam in 2017, he spent two years studying anthropology at Fordham University at Lincoln Center in New York City, working on research about the pedicab drivers at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. His particular research interests include sensory anthropology, space and place studies, identity politics and queer theory, as well as tourism which he plans to further develop this summer. He first attended the field school in 2017 as a student, studying the training and shaping of sensory perceptions through scuba diving as a form of tourism. He enjoys photography, art, social theory, traveling any chance he gets, and drinking more coffee than one should probably drink.

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Xin Pan
Sun Yat-sen University, China

Xin has her Master’s Degree of Anthropology in Sun Yat-sen University. While in school, she did field work in a Sino-Burmese village in Yunnan Province of Southwest China, and focused on local ethnic minority, ethnic tourism and cross-border marriages. After graduation, she worked as a research assistant for an HIV-related project, focusing on social and ethical aspects of research on curing HIV. Having volunteered for 3 years in a LGBT NGO, she also engages in LGBT activism in China. Xin first joined Expeditions in Gozo as a student in the graphic anthropology field School in 2017, afterwards she took part in the summer school, to then finally join as a staff member in 2018. In Gozo, her research was on local LGBT NGO and she is has a great interest for graphic anthropology.
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Rene Raad
University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Rene is completing her masters in Social Anthropology part-time at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. Rene’s research deals directly with the perspectives of those who are involved in providing safe and effective abortion care in Cape Town, South Africa. She additionally works in the social science unit at the Desmond Tutu TB Centre (DTTC), which through the linkage of medical research, community work and public policy seeks to promote the prevention of Tuberculosis (TB) and encourage treatment adherence in Cape Town. On Gozo, Rene explored Pentecostalism on a predominantly Catholic island and how Pentecostal faith healing intersected with the church members’ understanding of health and religion.
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Zhou Zhou
Tongji University, China

Zhou is finishing her undergraduate study in architecture at Tongji University in China. She is trying to escape from architecture to anthropology. With a substantial interest in anthropology of space and the dark side of design, she is doing fieldwork in China on underground churches that appropriate domestic space into religious use. She first came to Gozo as a student in 2016. On the island, she studied migration and the everyday experience of the illegality of African migrants.